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high-quality saddle pad with special foam and exclusive soft-gel material

unique design: ergonomic shape with withers cut-out provides as much withers clearance as possible

innovative structure within the gel layer with octagonal, alveolar arranged cells for great stability and maximum flexibility to support the horse’s freedom of movement in a harmonic way

anti-slip surface avoids slipping of the saddle and supports a calm position

non-slip, synthetic leather (Kunstleder) with suede-like surface at the contact area towards horse´s back

possible use: directly on horse’s back or between saddle blanket and saddle

distributes the pressure evenly on the horse´s back

extremely shock-absorbing due to combination of memory foam and soft-gelanatomic design and very high material elasticity for perfect fit to spine and withers as well as easy handling during saddling

skin- and fur-friendly, silicone-freeextra durable, easy-care (gentle cycle up to 30°C)measurements (length/width): 60 x 49 cm

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