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Expert comes with a unique and ergonomic knee pad. A knee pad which I have personally developed and adjustet several times, to create an optimal thigh support that does not interfere with the knee cap. In this way, the knee pad is adjustet to the rider’s physique and when sitting in the saddle, you clearly feel that the knee pad contributes to a correct and balanced position. But it is quite hard to describe with words, it must be felt from the saddle.

Expert is built on the B-tree. A saddle tree that combines the best of several worlds, that is the forward pointing position of the gullet which provides freedom of movement for the shoulders of the horse; the wide channel which provides freedom of movement for the muscles surrounding the spinal column of the horse; and finally, the angle of the bars which provides a remarkably close contact to the horse. The close contact provided by this saddle is ideal in situations where you need to show the horse from its best side e.g., at competitions or breeding shows. In summary, Expert is intended for competition. But naturally it is also ideal for riders who prefer a close contact to the horse. 

– Rasmus Møller Jensen

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